Like Amazon, eBay is a brand name that’s known the world over. Originally, eBay was solely an auction website and the place to go to buy vintage clothing, secondhand computer parts, or collectables. Although secondhand products are still a big part of eBay, these days a large portion of the products sold are often brand new and often sold by a retailer rather than an individual. Many brands and retailers, like BooHoo, Microsoft and Nintendo and have official stores on eBay, while others, like Dyson, Sports Direct, and Superdry, have a discounted outlet store instead.

Many products for sale on eBay, whether new or secondhand, have free international shipping. This is especially true of many products that ship from China, Hong Kong, and occasionally other countries in Asia like Malaysia and Japan. You can easily filter to only show products that offer ‘free international shipping’ by ticking the box on the left-hand side under ‘delivery options.’

Like Amazon, eBay offers a Global Delivery Program. This program, available to sellers in the US and UK, allows you to prepay additional customs charges.

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